Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most common stone questions.

1. How much coverage will I get from the stone I buy?
For stack stone, stacked at a 5-6 inch width, you will get approximately 30-40 sq. ft. per ton. Flagstone or veneer stone will cover 200-225 sq.ft. at 1" and 100-125 sq.ft. at 2". 
2. Do you know anyone who installs stone or designs and builds waterfeatures?
Yes. Go to our links page.
3. How much notice do we need for a delivery?
If in stock, sometimes next day delivery, most always within 3 days.
4. Can I buy just a few stones instead of a whole ton?
Yes. Any stone sold under a ton will be charged on a per pound rate.
5. How much does delivery cost?
Approximately $2.25 - 3.00 per mile one-way.
6. Is there a minimum order?
No. You can buy as little or as much as you like.
7. How many yards or tons come in a truck load?
We have different size trucks to accomodate your order. We can arrange drop-shipment for large orders, and can also contract out delivery using tandem trucks, which can haul 18 tons and 20 yards.
8. Do you do special orders?
Yes. Just give us enough advance notice and we can usually fill most any order. 
9. What method of payment do you accept?
We accept visa, mastercard, discover, check, and cash. 
10. How much does the average pallet of stone weigh?
About 2600-3000 lbs. or 1.3 - 1.5 tons.
11. How much will a yard of mulch or gravel cover?
A yard of either will cover approx. 100 sq.ft. at 2" deep.
12. Do you have special contractor pricing?
Yes. We give $10 off on palletized stone and 10% off on mulches. Please call for a full contractor price list.