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    Decorative, Landscaping, Building Stone


    Need a Dump Truck delivery?

    We have several options to choose from!

    We can typically deliver within a 30 mile radius, but can deliver farther out upon request.  Job sites in West or Middle GA are no problem… give us a Call to see how we can help!



    Our Largest Truck can carry up to 7 yards / 10 tons of Heavy or 20 yards of Light Material.

    Our Large Divided Dump Truck can carry the same amounts, but able to 2 separate materials in 1 Load!

    For Limited Access sites, we have a Smaller Dump Truck with 4 yards / 5 tons Heavy or 10 yards Light material capacity.

    Delivery Options

    All materials will be delivered safely and securely.

    Flatbed Truck

    Our Flatbed truck can carry up to 10 pallets…


    Turf-friendly Forklift will place materials as close to your worksite as possible.

    Have a Hard-to-Reach spot? Our Experienced & Creative forklift driver will strive to find a Solution!

    The telescoping boom on our Forklift allows it to reach farther & place pallets closer to where you need them!

    Vining Stone has the specialized equipment needed to safely load your truck or trailer.

    Our Equipment Operators carefully consider weight capacity and vehicle safety.   If the material is too heavy or messy, consider having us deliver?

    Loose Materials

    We can bag ANY loose materials… these 1 Yard bags are easy to transport and keep the mess to a minimum!

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