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    Our Inventory of Natural Stone

    Are you in need of natural stone? Vining Stone has you covered! We offer a variety of natural stone, including decorative stone, fieldstone, flagstone, and natural veneer stone in Peachtree City, GA and nearby areas. We also offer a variety of different options for each type of natural stone. For example, we offer both blue-gray and brown and grey Alabama flagstone. We also offer different cuts of each stone. For example, if you need natural veneer stone in Wedowee, AL, you can find both flats and corner cuts at Vining Stone. Check out our wide collection of natural stone and give us a call today to schedule your pickup or delivery.

    Why Choose Natural Stone?

    There’s a reason natural stone, such as natural veneer stone in Peachtree City, GA is so popular. Natural stone is considered a premier building material because each stone has unique character. With variations in color, pattern, and texture, natural stone is not only visually appealing but is almost impossible to replicate. It’s also an eco-friendly choice as natural stone naturally comes from the earth! Here are some more reasons to choose natural stone, like natural veneer stone in Wedowee, AL for your landscaping project.

    • Variety: As we mentioned, every natural stone is completely unique. Because of this, you have unlimited design opportunities.
    • Durability: Natural stone is more durable than any other building materials, such as wood or metal. In fact, you can find old homes made out of natural stone hundreds of years ago still standing today.
    • Eco-Friendly: People have become more environmentally conscious over the years. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly landscaping material, natural stone is a great option.
    • Value: Due to advanced stone quarrying, natural stone is as affordable as ever. However, value isn’t all about cost. Value involves longevity, easy maintenance, and permanence, which natural stone offers.

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