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Building Stone for Exterior or Interior use is either made of Natural Stone or Synthetic / Cultured painted concrete.

We specialize in natural stone veneer for it’s Beauty, Longevity, and Authenticity.

We have friendly and experienced staff ready to guide you through selecting the right product, estimating costs, and even finding preferred Installers!

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Why Choose Natural Stone Veneer over Synthetic / Cultured Stone?

Your Forever Home deserves a Forever Stone. Unlike the textured and painted concrete known as Synthetic, Cultured, or Faux Stone… real natural stone will never fade or deteriorate with time. Easy to clean and maintain, your home’s beauty will last a Lifetime as a lasting legacy. The Fieldstone, Flagstone, Limestone, Slate, and Granite materials used to create these veneer blends have unrivaled beauty that is unique to every piece. Come visit our Showroom in Sharpsburg GA to experience the difference!

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