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Fireplaces and Fire Pits are a great place to gather and entertain. Having a Game Day Porch can offer extended living space for larger events, or a separate space for certain guests to gather when there’s too much commotion inside.

The versatility is endless, and having a Fireplace offers extended use in colder months, along with the ambiance of a warm fire’s glow. Check out the DIY Friendly kits from the Stone Age catalog below, then come visit our Showroom and talk with our knowledgeable and friendly staff. They’ll explain various options and can even offer a list of reputable masons to build your vision!

Check out this quick Video to learn how simple the Stone Age assembles:

Come visit our Showroom and see a Fully Assembled Fireplace along with the Un-assembled Kit:

Fire Pits, Pizza Ovens, and Smoker Kits are also available, check out this Gallery to get inspired!

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