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In this section you can find all information regarding the natural stone and their properties, as well as uses such as veneer stone for building applications.

Natural Stone

Our Inventory

Are you in need of natural stone? Vining Stone has you covered! We offer a wide variety including decorative stone, fieldstone, flagstone, and natural veneer stone available to Peachtree City, GA and nearby areas.  We also offer different cuts of each stone.  For example, if you need veneer supplied to Wedowee, AL, you can find both flat and corner cuts at Vining Stone. Come check out our showroom for a complete collection of natural stone from across the US.

Why Choose Natural Stone?

There’s a reason natural stone veneer is so popular in Peachtree City and surrounding Middle GA.  Stone is considered a premier building material because each piece has unique character.  It’s also an eco-friendly choice as it naturally comes from the earth!

Reasons to come to Vining Stone For Your Landscaping Project

  • Variety: As we mentioned, every natural stone is completely unique. Because of this, you have unlimited design opportunities.  With variations in color, pattern, and texture, natural stone is not only visually appealing but is almost impossible to replicate.
  • Durability: Natural stone is more durable than any other building materials, such as wood or metal. In fact, you can find old homes made with natural stone hundreds of years ago still standing today.
  • Eco-Friendly: People have become more environmentally conscious over the years. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly landscaping material, natural stone is a great option.
  • Value: Due to advanced stone quarrying, natural stone is as affordable as ever. However, value isn’t all about cost. Value involves longevity, easy maintenance, and permanence.

Stone Types

Natural Stone Veneer
Authenticity.  Longevity.  Beauty.

Our vast selection is guaranteed to be built with a sustainable, long-lasting, and visually stunning design. You can customize your project space in multiple aspects. The aesthetic and overall appeal will improve substantially. 

Whether you’re wrapping your entire home in stone

OR just adding accents… Stone captivates the eye!



Permanent Ground Covers… No More Annual Landscape Bed Refreshes!

• Eliminate recurring yearly maintenance associated with refreshing mulch and pine straw!

• Invest in stone and enjoy years of easy upkeep from materials that won’t decompose or fade.

• Reduce moisture to minimize pest habitats.

Pathway Solutions… visual interesting and easy to walk or drive on

Fieldstone is found-on-the-surface boulders and stone of varying size, with a weathered / water-worn appearance that may contain moss or lichen. Fieldstone usually has tumbled / softened edges and typically in shades of gray / black with occasional brown.

These stones are sorted by shape and thickness and palletized accordingly, to help select the right pieces for a specific use.

Flagstone is quarried from within Mountains, split into flat slabs, and either kept in its natural irregular shape or later snapped / cut to certain geometric shapes called “Dimensional Stone”. Available in shades of Brown or Gray, varying smoothness grades, thicknesses, and overall sizes are available depending on the strength function or visual form needed.

NEW Crab Orchard wall cap accents the Gray painted brick wall beautifully in this renovated subdivision entrance.

TN Gray Slab patio loose-set with Grass Joints

OK Blue Gray Slabs 4-6’ Long x 3-4’ Wide x 3-6” thick

TN Jamestown – Multi-color Natural Slabs

TN Jamestown – Steel Gray variety gives a Slate complexion with these Cut Slabs

Snapped Flagstone in rectangular strips or brick/cobble shapes, are typically 4”x4”x10” uniform bricks or Irregular Lengths in the Rubble. The are available with Snapped or Tumbled Edges.

Building stone for exterior or interior use is made from either synthetic/cultured, painted concrete or natural flagstone and fieldstone. Serving customers in and around Columbus, GA.

We specialize in natural stone veneer for its Beauty, Longevity, and Authenticity.

Our friendly, experienced staff is ready to assist in selecting the right product, estimating costs, and even finding preferred installers!

Browse our digital catalogs and photo gallery below, then come visit us on the yard in Sharpsburg, GA.

Why choose natural stone veneer over synthetic/cultured veneer?

Your forever home deserves a forever stone. Unlike synthetic/cultured veneer or faux stone, which is painted concrete, natural stone will never fade or deteriorate. Easy to clean and maintain, natural veneer will allow the home’s beauty to last a lifetime. With options available in fieldstone, flagstone, limestone, slate, and granite, these blends provide an unrivaled beauty that is unique to every piece. Conveniently located in Sharpsburg, GA with availability for deliveries from Carrollton, Columbus, and Jackson, GA as well as Auburn and Lake Wedowee, AL, we invite you to come experience the difference!

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